Cultural Leader

WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTAssignments are due no later than 11:59 pm on Monday, March 1, 2021After reading Chapter 2 of the text, please answer the following questions, making sure to use college-level writing and using responses that demonstrate your understanding of the concepts.Upload your answers in either Word or PDF format no later than the due date.1. Define an organizational ecosystem and how the general and task environments affect an organization’s ability to thrive.2. Explain the strategies that managers use to help organizations adapt to an uncertain or turbulent environment.3. Define corporate culture.4. Provide organizational examples of symbols, stories, heroes, slogans, and ceremonies and explain how they relate to corporate culture.5. Describe four types of culture.6. Examine the relationship between culture, corporate values, and business performance, explain.7. Define a cultural leader and explain the tools that a cultural leader uses to create a high-performance culture. for more information on Cultural Leader check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Cultural Leader
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