Civil War

1. What happened after the Civil War? Explain Black Codes and how they were politically/legally justified?2. How did the KKK evolve?3. What was happening in the North with policing? Discuss the impact of England’s model. What was the role ofpolice in communities? Describe the connection between police and local politicians.4. How do African Americans at the time of the Great Migration describe the difference between living in theSouth versus the North? What is Police Science and why is it harmful?5. How were police professionalized after Prohibition and what did this mean for African Americans?6. How can we turn the tide? How do we get out of this (from Throughline)?7. What does it mean to defund the police? Where would the money go and why?8. Other thoughts and reflections? for more information on Civil War check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Civil War
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