Artificial Intelligence

The research paper must be at least 3,500 words supported by evidence (citations from peer-reviewed sources).• A minimum of four (4) peer-reviewed journal citations are required.1. Chapter 1 illustrates the document details of the research report and constitutes Background/Introduction, Problem Statement(s),Goal(s), Research Question(s), Relevance and Significance, Barriers and Issues related to topic chosen.2. Chapter 2 should consist of student paraphrasing the cited research material (i.e. what happened in case study x).3. Chapter 3 should be the reasoning for doing a basic compare/contrast oradvantages/disadvantage of what was stated in Chapter 2 (do not state because the professor said so).4. Chapter 4 is a complete analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of what was stated in chapter 2. In effect, chapter 3 is a statement of what will be doneand chapter 4 is what was done and what the findings were. Again, thus far the writing is objective and must not contain student opinion.5. Chapter 5 states results, conclusion, and future work recommendations.  for more information on Artificial Intelligence check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Artificial Intelligence
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