Successful Adult Team

Unit: Successful Adult Team LearningDue Date: 2/19/21Deliverable Length: 3-4 strong paragraphsYour online teams have been assigned, and you are awaiting the results of their work—a presentation to be delivered online at the end of the week. On Friday before the presentation is due, you receive an e-mail from one of the members of Team Alpha complaining that the rest of the team is not showing up for planned discussions, and two members have not yet submitted research portions that were due on Monday. Team morale is apparently suffering.On reflection, what could you have done before the start of the team projects to prepare your teams to go into action?What can you do now to try to salvage this situation? Mention research you have done into team structures, group dynamics, or other topics applicable to this situation.What internal conflicts could you expect to find in Team Alpha? How might you resolve them?Please make certain to add an open-ended question to motivate others to respond!!!!!!!!!!2-3 References for more information on Successful Adult Team check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Successful Adult Team
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