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One line of business organization is COCA-COLA andAnother one is SOFTWARE INDUSTRY – CapgeminiFor COCACOLA, I need 8 slides no plagiarism.For Capgemini, I need 6 slides no plagiarism.Question Course – Business IntelligenceChapter 12 –1. Research a use for a chatbot. What are the limitations? What are the benefits? Can an organization rely solely on a chatbot? Explain why or why not?2. Use a chatbot. You may have to research who is using chatbots? Ask it at least 8 questions (record your dialog with the chatbot). What would you suggest that the company could do to improve or increase its ability. Were there mechanisms in prior weeks that they should adopt? Is it accurate?3. Explain how chatbots can be used to help dementia patients.Chapter 131. Identify a city that is a smart city. What type of tools do they use and what do they use them for? Please provide one more service that they can use AI for?2. Locate a recently developed robot and explain what different tools they use from what you have learned in this class including in this chapter as well as the robot’s capabilities.3. What Internet of things devices do you use? Explain what capabilities they have? What improvements do you recommend? What would add to the competitive advantage of the ones you use?4. Think about autonomous devices such as the car is currently being developed. Explain the impact these devices. for more information on Business Intelligence check on this:

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