Management Software Package

Need 2.5 pages APA format paper. Need each answer with same quantity of matter. Want quality answer. Direct answer to the question.Question Activity I: As part of your company’s effort to select a project management software package, you have been asked to approach several other companies that presently use such packages.a. Develop a questionnaire to help collect the relevant information.b. Fill out two questionnaires, each representing a different software package.c. Compare the responses of the companies and select the best software of the two.Activity II: Identify two projects in which you have been involved recently.a. Describe each project briefly.b. Suggest criteria that may have been used to identify the start of the termination phase of each project.c. Give two examples of activities that were performed poorly during the termination phase of either project, and suggest measures that might have been taken to improve the situation for more information on Management Software Package check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Management Software Package
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