Systems of Oppression

Question, process, challenge, and think deeply about how this week’s readings relate back to you. This is a place to share your thoughts and feelings: let them be raw and vulnerable. In 500 words minimum (2-3 pages), write a personal reaction about how the core arguments or stories of the readings relate to your understanding of identities, privilege and systems of oppression. Choose and include 1 quote from each of the assigned readings/sources and write 2 dialogic questions. Be sure to talk about each of the assigned readings/podcasts in your contemplations. This assignment can also be submitted as a video, but we will be looking for the same amount of depth in what you say as we are in a written reflection.Use these questions as a guide:\What feelings came up for you as you read the readings/sources? What stories and personal experiences may be connected to those feelings?How did the readings/sources raise your level of consciousness around your identities, privilege and larger systems of oppression and your role in them?What questions do you still have or want to continue thinking/talking about with others? for more information on Systems of Oppression check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Systems of Oppression
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