Justifying An Evaluation

ESSAY 2: JUSTIFYING AN EVALUATION (FILM)Word Count: 1000 word minimum not counting the works cited page or headings. (Essays shorter than this will see a deduction in the essay grade)Be aware:When an assignment is given, it will not include every aspect of what is expected. For example, my instructions don’t state that words must be spelled correctly or that periods must be included. These are also important elements when writing. A five-paragraph essay belongs in middle school and high school and not in college. An essay the length of 1000 words is too long for the basic format of the five-paragraph essay because paragraphs should not be pages long. In addition, as one advances through one’s education, essays get longer, and it is important to know how to organize an even longer essay. Could you imagine reading a 12 page essay containing only five paragraphs? It would get confusing and convoluted; the same thing happens on a smaller scale with 1000 words, so it is important to have at least eight paragraphs.· Write a 1000 word minimum evaluation (a review) of Night of the Living Dead. The paper will include a works cited page for the movie and an optional review from Roger Ebert Film Reviews or the documentary Birth of the Living Dead; no other sources will be used. Choosing to use additional sources will result in lowering of the essay grade. Be aware that the works cited page and headings DO NOT COUNT TOWARD WORD COUNT. Word count only includes the body of the paper.· Link to movie: Night of the Living Dead . You may need to click on “open this content in a new window.” Other options include opening the movie directly in YouTube, or if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, the movie is also available there as of this posting. If viewing on YouTube, make sure you are watching the black and white version uploaded by American Film Institute published on Aug 26, 2014 and is the only approved source for the assignment. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES for the works cited entry for the film.· If you would like to view a documentary on the film, Amazon Prime also has Birth of the Living Dead. This documentary may be used as a secondary source in place of the Roger Ebert review; use one or the other, but not both.· No. You may not substitute any other movie or alternative topic for this paper.ESSAY 2: JUSTIFYING AN EVALUATION ( Night of the Living Dead )Length: Minimum of 1000 words not counting the Works Cited page or headings. Questions? Please ask. for more information on Justifying An Evaluation check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evaluation

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Justifying An Evaluation
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