Ethical Concerns

Ethical ConcernsScientists and all of us should carefully consider the many ethical concerns that can emerge with genome editing, including safety. First and foremost, genome editing must be safe before it is used to treat patients. Some other ethical questions that scientists and society must consider are:1. Is it okay to use gene therapy on an embryo when it is impossible to get permission from the embryo for treatment? Is getting permission from the parents enough?2. What if gene therapies are too expensive and only wealthy people can access and afford them? That could worsen existing health inequalities between the rich and poor.3. Will some people use genome editing for traits not important for health, such as athletic ability or height? Is that okay?4. Should scientists ever be able to edit germline cells? Edits in the germline would be passed down through generations. for more information on Ethical Concerns check on this:

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Ethical Concerns
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