Culturally Sensitive

Access the following to complete this Assessment:· Memorial Hospital Patient Experience Scenario· Academic Writing Expectations ChecklistRead the “Memorial Hospital Patient Experience Scenario”. Then, complete the following two parts:Part I: Patient Experience and Improvement ToolsDevelop a white paper that proposes a high-reliability quality program that will address the issues identified in the scenario. (10–15 pages)Include:· A justification for why the hospital needs to create a high-reliability quality program· Descriptions of the elements of the patient experience to be targeted for improvement related to quality, safety, and overall satisfaction in the hospital· Recommendations for potential resources that could be utilized for improving or maintaining safety, quality, and the overall patient experience and explanations of why these resources would be of value· Recommend Lean Management and Six Sigma improvement tools that will be used in the high-reliability quality programPart II: Culturally Sensitive, Patient-Centered CarePropose a cultural sensitivity program focused on patient-centered care for the organization. Create a slide presentation to present to the board of directors of Memorial Hospital. Your presentation should be 7–12 slides and should include a title page and references on additional pages.In the presentation:· Provide a rationale for why a cultural sensitivity program is important for patient-centered care. Present an outline for a cultural sensitivity program.· Recommend a rollout and ongoing training plan. For more information on Culturally Sensitive check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Culturally Sensitive
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