Reading And Posting

Can you read the article and follow the instructions in the Powerpoint. You can write the answers directly in the powerpoint or in a separate paper. As the questions in the powerpoint said what is the citations ? what the material and methods which means what the cell lines, what were the reagents and drugs if were any used and what were the major assays?Finally, Complete each panel in each Figure with1) cell lines or models- if not shown in the Figures2) Key points with arrows or boxes in each figure there is a, b, c etc so in each one of those make an arrow or box for the important part in it and explain why from the paper.3) what assay used4) what drug or other treatments if not shown in the fig5) if there was an abbreviations used spelled ou For more information on Reading And Posting check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Reading And Posting
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