Psychopharmacology Treatment

Psychopharmacology Treatment Algorithm for Depression.A client has just been diagnosed with major depressive disorder.1. Write a brief pathophysiology of Major depressive disorde2. Formulate interview questions that will help to diagnose major depressive disorder3. Develop an evidence-based algorithm for four treatment stages, tailored to this individual. The information must include interview questions needed to guide decision-making at the different stages, length of treatment in trial/initiation period, dosage titration schedule and duration of time the client should stay on the medication, factors that might influence the effectiveness of the medications, necessary labs and test, and patient education. Include pertinent side effects profiles that would warrant a change in the medication being prescribed and a brief reasoning for your decisions.Use APA format, peer-reviewed academic and scientific journals. 7-8 pages For more information on Psychopharmacology Treatment check on:

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Psychopharmacology Treatment
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