The Reproductive System

Reproductive SystemCase Study: Prostate Cancerapprox 30 minMr. Rader, age 52 years, is undergoing a routine physical examination for his employer. During palpation of the prostate, the physician noted a hard nodule on the gland’s periphery. Lab tests revealed an elevated PSA level. The remainder of the examination did not reveal any other abnormalities.Question 1Using the information given, discuss the presentation of cancer of the prostate.Answers may vary.Question 2Discuss the predisposing factors for prostate cancer and identify the high-risk groups.Answers may vary.Question 3Discuss the variation in the growth and course of this type of cancer.Answers may vary.Question 4Discuss how the decision to treat or not to treat is made early in the course of prostate cancer.Answers may vary.Question 5If metastasis occurs, what additional manifestations will occur, and how will they be treated?For more information on The Reproductive System check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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The Reproductive System
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