Morality Culminating

Choose a situation you consider to be an ethical dilemma, either in your personal life or in public discourse. For example, a personal dilemma could be “should I go to this party during covid?” or a public dilemma could look like “should vaccines be required?” Pick a topic you find interesting so that you enjoy writing this paper! The topic is up to you. Set up your “dilemma” clearly and concisely so that the bulk of your paper can be about the philosopher’s response and your response.Once you have decided on your topic, pick ONE ethical approach (Kant, Caso, or Care ethics) and tell us what they would do in your chosen situation.Next, tell us how you would personally respond. Do you agree with the philosopher you chose? What will you do in this situation? Is it easy to follow the ethical approach you chose?Here are the sections in your paper:Ethical Dilemma. You pick the topic.One philosopher’s response.Your response to the ethical dilemma and to the philosopher.If you use an outside source, please cite it and include it at the end of your paper. It does not have to be MLA, but consistent citing, like MLA or Chicago, is good practicFor more information on Morality Culminating check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Morality Culminating
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