A Keystone Species

Discuss what it means for a species to be a keystone species, and give an example.a. Is the species you picked on the Redlist a keystone species? Why, or why not?11. If your species becomes extinct, what changes might you expect to occur in its biome and the food web?a. Which species might benefit if your species becomes extinct, and why would that/those species benefit?b. Which species would be harmed if your species becomes extinct?c. Comment on possible interaction of these on your species:i. Mutualism (page 352 in your textbook)ii. Predation (page 352 in your textbook)iii. Competition (page 353 in your textbook)For more information on A Keystone Species check on:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keystone_species

DNP Role Presentation

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A Keystone Species
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