Population of Organisms

1. What is the common name and the scientific name of your species?2. What is your species’ Redlist category? (For example, endangered, critically endangered, or one of the others.)3. What kind of habitat does the species inhabit? Briefly describe the habitat/biome.a. Tell what other plants and animals live in this biome.4. What are some of the threats to the species?a. Which threats are caused by humans?5. Does human population growth adversely impact this species? In what way?6. Consider the population of your species.a. What is the estimated population of the organism and how was it measured?b. What is the population trend?7. Consider the habitat for your species.a. What might be some density dependent factors?b. What might be some density independent factors?c. Briefly list ways in which climate change might be affecting this creature’s habitat.d. List two actions people can do to preserve this species and biodiversity.8. List some things that can be done to protect this species’ habitat.9. Is your species in an extinction vortex? Explain.For more information on Population of Organisms check on:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_organisms_by_population

DNP Role Presentation

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Population of Organisms
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