A Global Company

The PMBOK Guide defines virtual teams as “groups of people with a shared goal who fulfill their roles with little or no time spent meeting face to face” (PMI, 2017, p. 725).1) The latest edition of the PMBOK Guide describes “virtual teams/distributed teams” as one of the trends and emerging practices in project resource management for optimizing resource utilization (PMI, 2017, p. 310). Chapter 9 explains some of the potential benefits and challenges of virtual teams (pp. 311, 333, 340). Pick one of these benefits or challenges, and explain how it impacted your PMAN 638 group. Cite the PMBOK Guide in your response.2) Assume your global company is forming a new team, and several members with unique expertise for the team’s designated project are located in different countries. Your travel budget provides for one face-to-face meeting per year. After this first meeting, you must establish the “communications management plan” for this culturally diverse group. Identify 3 elements in your plan that would be different from the same elements in a “communications management plan” for a team composed of members who are all co-located in your project management office (PMO). Provide support from the “How to Manage Virtual Teams” article (see Week 10 Reading List) in your response.For more information onA Global Company  check on:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multinational_corporation

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A Global Company
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