Good Business Practices

The purpose of this assignment is to give future managers / leaders (you) a chance to find ways to help keep our planet healthy through introduction / implementation of good business practices, while making sure the ideas are creative / practical / realistic.Step 1: Please watch the following TED Talk by Mr. Steve Howard on “selling sustainability” URL: 2: (First part) Please summarize the TED Talk Step 3: (Second part) Imagine that you are interviewing for a job at a major corporation, such as Amazon, Apple, Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, etc. Now, imagine that the person interviewing you informs you that they are trying to come up with a global sustainability strategy. S/he asks you to come up with three potential ideas i.e., ideas on how they can help the planet by promoting sustainability as a brand. Please list / summarize and justify your three ideas.For more information on Good Business Practices check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Good Business Practices
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