Monologue Script

Memorize a monologue of between one and two minutes in length and record it. Post it for class comment, only positive comments are allowed. You may find a monologue in a play, a movie, a political speech, poetry, or an oral interpretation of a song. Verses from a religious text are acceptable, someone even did a monologue by a video game character. ‘Please, no Shakespeare or original monologues.’ Be warned, if you do something like “Mary had a Little Lamb,” or “The Lord’s Prayer,” you will be asked to do the exercise again.Example (It doesn’t need to be as formal as mine but it would help to say your name before you begin, there are two monologues on my audition tape from a few years back. I was offered a job at a Shakespeare Festival from this but was unable to accept it):Perhaps this example of a master actor plying his craft may be helpful. I started this insane business because of the inspiration I found in the great “Method” performers of James Dean and Marlon Brando but I keep at because of craftspeople like Sir Anthony Hopkins. His amazing technique is analyzed in this clip.For more information on Monologue Script check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Monologue Script
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