Interlocking Systems

For this assignment I am a connector. As you read the assignment to write a discussion . Your response will follow this guideline for connector.When you are a Connector your job is to find a current event (within the past year) or any topic that’s been covered in the media. You get to choose the specific topic, so it can be about politics, culture, education, health, family— to name just a few examples.In a post of at least 100 words, explain how at least one of the week’s required texts gives us insight into the current event you chose. In your post you must refer to at least one specific passage from a required text for that week. This involves quoting or summarizing an idea from the text and providing a page number or time stamp (depends on the type of text).here is the reading material :Link: week we start to shift our attention to transformation! We’ve done a lot of hard work over the past weeks learning about the structures of thought and material structures that shapehow we perceive others and experience our own identitieswhat become standard as social norms, ideas about what’s “normal,” and how people who don’t conform to norms might be treated.And we’ve gained skills to start analyzing these structures through concepts/tools such assingle stories about identity categories, people, and placeshow social privilege and oppression give value/meaning to identitysocial construction of identityintersectionality / interlocking systemsNow we get to start thinking more deeply about how to apply this knowledge to start changing the world. To help us, we’ll be focusing on different ways that people— activists, scholars, everyday people— are telling different stories and telling stories differently. We’re starting with “Liberation Youth,” a zine created by Daisy Salinas, who’s actually a graduate of the MWGS master’s program!For more information on Interlocking Systems check on:

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Interlocking Systems
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