The Rich and Powerful

THIS IS THE LINK OF THE ARTICLE AND WE DID ESSAY ABOUT ITPrompt: Analyze how well the components of the argument in the article you select work together to persuade or move an audience. Focus on elements that stand out or make the piece intriguing or problematic. Try to show how the key devices in an argument actually make it succeed or fail. Let readers know where and why an argument makes sense and where falls apart. If you believe that an argument startles, challenges, insults, or lulls audiences, explain why that is the case and provide evidence. Whether you agree or disagree with the argument itself does not matter. Pay attention only to how – and to how well – the argument works.Requirements:• 1,200 – 1,700 words (roughly 5-7 pages). Remember: the word count begins with the first word of the first paragraph and ends with the last word of the last paragraph. Your Works Cited page doesn’t count. • Third person voice only.• Follow standard essay format. Paragraph 1 is dedicated to the introduction and will include thesis and forecast statement. The final paragraph will be dedicated to a thoughtful conclusion that moves beyond summary. The body paragraphs will support the thesis with 3-4 main points. Keep in mind that while you will never discuss more than one main idea in any given paragraph, you may discuss one idea for multiple paragraphs.• These are source-based papers. All papers must have a Works Cited page and utilize in-text citations according to the guidelines of MLA 8th edition. The only source you are required to have is the one you are analyzing. If you want to incorporate another source, you are welcome to. Any sources you use require citation.For more information on The Rich and Powerful check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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The Rich and Powerful
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