The Historical Period

Compose a short, 2 paragraph mini-essay on one of the works of art or architecture that you analyzed in detail in this course so far.You may choose any work of art in the course slides linked in Canvas or in the homework readings. However, the work of art you write about for this essay should be different than the work of art you write about in Essay 1 for this exam.In this essay, you will evaluate the work of art in relation to the context and historical background in which it was created.Your essay should address ALL of the following topics:Include the name of the work, the name of the artist (if known), and the historical period/date at the beginning of your response (up 5 points possible).Clearly state what the artist is trying to do or communicate in the work of art (up 5 points possible).Explain with reference to formal aspects of the work of art and course lessons and materials how the artist achieves this goal you describe in part 2. For example, you may wish to explain how the artist applied the elements and principles of art or chose materials so that the work of art communicated a message, solved a problem, or responded to the conditions of its time (up to 10 points possible).Do NOT copy your formal analysis paper here. This is a short, one paragraph analysis that should answer the specifics of this prompt.To ensure that you turn in your best work, be sure to:Check peer and/or instructor summary feedback on your original writing on this work of art or architectureOrganize your paper into no more than 2 paragraphsCite the homework reading, textbook page, or scholarly internet resources you use to help you answer this question by using BOTH in text citations and a works cited list/bibliography (see links to how to cite sources aboveProofreadNote: The midterm is your chance to showcase your best work. If you want to write about a work of art you already wrote about, this is ok so long as you make any necessary adjustments to be sure to answer the midterm prompt.This question allows you to showcase your achievement of SLO C.For more information on The Historical Period check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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The Historical Period
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