Microservices Architecture

1. Compare and contrast the difference in experience and outcomes between monolithic systems and their delivery and the practice of DevOps aligned with microservices architecture.· In terms of service delivery and deployment, monolithic is quite far behind as any change on one application means a change of the whole application or services, thus making the job tougher and a slow lifecycle process. While making use of DevOps for microservices, makes the work faster and the ability to check if each stage of the process is effectively monitored to ensure the organization’s project goal is met.2. Why do you believe there is such a rapid transition to using DevOps and microservices?· Since microservices have different teams to work on each service or application, they tend to be more focused on how to deploy each service without any error including the use of DevOps for microservices provides a range of benefits, like even each team, needs to work interdependently. Hence, through DevOps, effective communication and coordination among teams are practiced – that is why the transition for each service is smooth and well-coordinated. Moreover, the ability to know what is going on every step of the process provides an opportunity for a microservice to retest before full deployment.For more information on Microservices Architecture check on:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microservices

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Microservices Architecture
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