Collegiate Essay

1. Organize all body paragraphs, essays, and papers as we learned from the presentations on Paragraph and Essay Structure.2. It is not acceptable to use “you” in an MLA style, collegiate essay. The only time to use “you” in collegiate writing is when you are speaking direction to the reader.3. Writing any form of “thing” is not acceptable and neither is “stuff” in formal writing. Rewrite the sentence to identify what the thing(s)/stuff is and make the sentence clearer.4. Contractions like I’m, he’s, we’ll they’ve are/are not acceptable in formal essays. Please write out the contraction: I am, he is, we will, they have, etc.5. First, second, third, are not the best transitions to use in essay writing, unless writing an essay in chronological order or in a process6. When using the pronoun “I,” please capitalize it.7. Abbreviations such as “thru” for through should not be used.8. Small numbers like “25” and “3” should be spelled out.9. Text speak like “u,” “idk,” and “rofl” are not appropriate in formal writing.10. Students should not put a comma whenever they pause when reading a sentence. Use the comma rules we studied instead.11. In general, do not use more than one coordinating conjunction and/or one subordinating conjunction per Even though she was tired, Tai’Yanai came to class this morning. She asked questions because she would like to learn to write better, get As in all of her classes, and get a great paying job.For more information on Collegiate Essay check on:

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