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On Frank Jackson’s argument against Physicalism Length: 4-5 pages double-spaced. Jackson, in his essay “What Mary Didn’t Know”, argues that Physicalism, the view that only physical things exist and that all facts are physical facts. This view is important because if everything is physical, then, the mental is also physical. That means our minds are physical, our thoughts are physical, our feelings are physical.The philosopher David Armstrong is a Physicalist. He accepts that everything that exists is physical and that all facts are physical facts. So he accepts that the mind is physical, our thoughts are physical and that our feelings are physical.Jackson rejects Physicalism. For him, certain things are non-physical. His case involving Mary is supposed to show that certain things are nonphysical. They are distinctly mental, e.g., what coldness feels like and what the color red looks like.Your assignment here is to raise an objection to Jackson’s argument. The paper should have 5 sections.Part I: Introduction For this section, introduce what your paper will be about. It is about Physicalism—the view that the only things that exist are physical things and that all facts are physical facts—and Jackson’s argument that Physicalism is false. State: A: What Physicalism is B: That Jackson, in his paper “What Mary Didn’t Know”, argues that Physicalism must be false C: You will be raising an objection to his argumentPart II: Thesis In this section, state exactly what you will be arguing for. You will be arguing that Jackson’s argument is unsound.Part III: Exposition In this section, provide a complete and accurate presentation of Jackson’s argument. Write out each premise of the argument. Then, provide detailed discussion of each of the premises. Keep in mind, Jackson’s argument is supposed to show that Physicalism is false. So, in order to appreciate his argument, you must have full grasp of what Physicalism is.State the case concerning Mary. How is this case supposed to show that Physicalism is false?Be sure to do this section well. If you hope to raise a serious objection to Jackson’s argument, you must first fully and accurately understand and represent it.Part IV: Criticism In this section, you should: Raise an objection to Jackson’s argument. Then, provide a response to your objection on Jackson’s behalf. If Jackson were made aware of your objection to his argument, what would he say in response? Then, provide a response to his response.Part V: Conclusion Tell us one thing the reader is supposed to have learned from having read your paper.For more information on Philosophy Essay check on:

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