The American Assembly

AssignmentTake the inventory below and write a 2-3 page reaction paper on what you find about yourself. Upload/attach your paper to this assignment.Millennial Competencies for Managers/LeadersThis inventory is based on studies by the AACSB (The American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business) and invites students to measure their abilities in a variety of areas. These areas represent skills, attitudes, and abilities the studies have suggested will be most critical for managers in today’s rapidly changing organizations.InstructionsIt is a good idea for you to ask one or more trusted friends to also rate you on these criteria and then to compare your own beliefs to how you are perceived by others. If you find many discrepancies, you may want to investigate the reasons behind the differences. Do you just think you are flexible but others see you as rigid? If so you may want to find out why. This inventory is a good place for you to start evaluating your own abilities and potential as managers. It can point you in the direction of areas where you need to do some work, develop some skills, or investigate and possibly change their attitudes. There is no real need to score this instrument. You should be able to see at a glance where you stand.Download the inventory from here —> Millennial Competencies for Managers/Leaders InventoryFor more information on The American Assembly check on:

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The American Assembly
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