Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering [20 points]This question tests how well you understand the algorithm for converting E/R diagrams to relational schemas. An E/R diagram when converted to relations (using the mechanical construction that we know and love) gives rise to the following relations:R(a, b, c)S(a, d)T(a, d, f, g)You may assume that the same symbols refer to the same attribute and different symbols refer to different attributes (e.g., the attributes a in the relations R, S and T are the same) i.e. it ultimately comes from a single entity set or relationship in the E/R diagram.Your task is to reverse-engineer the E/R diagram from these relations; in other words, what E/R diagram could have produced these relations. For full credit, give two different E/R diagrams that could have produced these (and only these) relations (i.e. 10 points for each correct E/R diagram).Submission Guidelines and RequirementsInclude your name and UCM ID in the assignmentAdd the following statement in your solution “I certify that the codes/answers/outputs of this assignment are entirely my own work.”// Your Name// Your UCM ID//Certificate of Authenticity: “I certify that the assignment is entirely my own work.”Add comments to your submission as much as possibleSubmit your ER diagrams, relation schemas, functional dependencies and normalized formsZip your files and upload the zipped file onto BlackboardThere could be more than one correct answer. We shall accept them allWhenever you are making an assumption, please state it clearlyGrading standards:There will be automatic 10 points penalty if your submission is missing certificate of authenticityLate submission: Late submission is allowed with a 10% deduction per day (delay in submission). Submission after 3 days of the deadline won’t be acceptedFor more information on Reverse Engineering check on:

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