The Progressive Era

Term: “Muckraking” Give Me Liberty , Chapter 18, “The Progressive Era, 1900-1916” Writing / journalism that exposed corruption and abuses in politics, business, meatpacking, child labor, and more, primarily in the first decade of the 20th century; included popular books and magazine articles that spurred public interest in reform. Watch the following Progressive video:Progressive Era: The MuckrakersThink of a problem or issue that exists within our nation, state, your city, neighborhood, or school that you feel needs to be exposed or given public attention. Write (type):The problem or issue.Who or what do you believe is responsible or to blame for the issue?Who does the problem or issue impact?What specific media sources would you use to expose the problem? (i.e. newspapers, magazines, tv, radio, celebrity testimonies / interviews, billboards, social media – if so, which platforms, etc.)Responses can be typed onto this MS Word document.For more information on The Progressive Era check on:

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The Progressive Era
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