Thematic Graphic Elements

Includes key vocabulary from one of the seventh grade passages that is well chosen for the task.Pre-Teaching Strategy30.0A strategy is presented that would be ideally suited to pre-teach the vocabulary to the class.Practice Strategy30.0A strategy is presented that would be ideally suited to practice the vocabulary later in the lesson.Appeal10.0Appropriate and thematic graphic elements are used to make visual connections that contribute to the understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships. Differences in type size and color are used well and consistently.Organization5.0The content is well-organized and logical. There is a sequential progression of ideas that relate to each other. The content is presented as a cohesive unit and provides the audience with a clear sense of the main idea.Research Citations and Format5.All sources are credible, appropriate, and strongly support the submission. All required aspects of APA format are correct within the submission.Mechanics (spelling, punctuation, grammar, and language use)10.0Submission is virtually free of mechanical errors. Word choice reflects well-developed use of practice and content-related language. Sentence structures are varied and engaging.Total Percentage 100For more information on Thematic Graphic Elements check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Thematic Graphic Elements
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