Differential Diagnosis

Autism Spectrum Disorder was a considered diagnosis. Consideration for Autism Spectrum disorder initially was addressed due to difficulties with verbal communication, interactions with adults and understanding social cues. Diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder not met (as presenting problems did not qualify for diagnosis) as follows; 1. No mention of difficulty when maintaining conversations by parents or teacher (also note no mention of turn taking issues with clinician during assessment) 2. No motor or abnormal body language or identification of nonverbal communication delays in nonverbal communication (not mentioned by parents, teacher or identified in MSE with clinician) 3. No issues with maintaining relationships (student is highly social and several friends) (APA, 2017). Pablo does not meet diagnostic criteria for ADHD.For more information on Differential Diagnosis check on:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Differential_diagnosis

DNP Role Presentation

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Differential Diagnosis
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