Criminal Justice Agencies

Wk 1 Individual: Organizational Behavior Paper [due Mon]Top of FormBottom of FormAssignment Content1.Top of FormReview the Assignment Examples located at the top of the course content page in the folder – Recommended Reading and Handouts.Write a 700- to 1,050-word Microsoft® Word® paper describing the forces of change and approaches to managing organizational change in criminal justice agencies, including identifying observable aspects of organizational cultures.Answer the following questions:· Explain how social, political, and organizational behavior can influence change in criminal justice agencies?· Explain the relationship between organizational behavior and organizational systems?· How can the perceptions of organizational stakeholders be managed? What techniques might we use?· What are some observable aspects of the organizational culture of criminal justice agencies?· How can change management strategies benefit criminal justice agencies and the criminal justice system?Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Paper should include a Title Page, Introductory Paragraph, Topic Paragraphs preceded by Level 1 and Level 2 Headings, Conclusion Paragraph, and a Reference Page. See Rubric.Include at least one citation/reference from the Week 1 University Library Readings, one citation/reference from Course Textbook, and one citation/reference from the UOP Library, Google Scholar, or eBook Collection.For more information on Criminal Justice Agencies check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Criminal Justice Agencies
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