A Nike Facility

Based on your research above, is Keady telling the truth or is he wrong? Are workers making those wages better off? Conduct research beyond what I provided you to find information on whether workers at a Nike facility of your choice are better off because the US company is doing business there?Part B: Look at the Board of Directors for Nike (10 total points)Look at the NIKE corporate board members. Be sure you are looking at the corporate board members and not shareholders and not executive leadership only.1. What do you notice about this board in terms of their gender, age and experience they bring to the board? (3 points)2. Based on perspectives which are missing, who would you recommend serve on the board and why? (2 points)3. How likely is this board to decide to limit CEO pay? Why do you believe that? (2.5 points)4. How likely is this board to look closely into the issues that Jim Keady raises? Why do answer that way? (2.5 points)For more information on A Nike Facility check on:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nike,_Inc.

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A Nike Facility
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