Demographic Qualities

The population sample that participated in the study was very small and therefore even though this study positively identified mindful yoga as a promising strategy in behavioral regulation, it may be hard to conclude what results would be obtained from a larger sample with different demographic qualities. It is also clear that this study was carried out over a period of 8 weeks. It would be interesting to determine what is likely to be the outcome for longer periods and find out whether the benefits gained are likely to be reversed. The fact that the research relied on small sample and shorter exposure means that the results are also limited in applicability and they can only be used to indicate a possible application in behavior regulation.Opinion and Personal ExperienceI have interacted with children from disadvantaged backgrounds included those from areas with high crime rates and high rape cases. I understand the struggles they have to go through when attending school and even walking around their neighbourhoods which are considered to be unsafe. It is true that activities that help their minds to remain occupied during most of their free times can greatly help most of them from sinking into depression and related conditions. This is because some of them have their relatives or parents as victims of crime, violence, murder or even rape and they greatly fear for their lives as well. A mindful yoga program would greatly benefit this community owing to the results obtained from the study by Razza et al., 2020. Sometimes these children team up through guidance of parents or teachers to play games in their localities aiming to divert their attnetion and help them overcome the pression associated with contonous thinking about the dangers larking in their neighbourhoods. They also get to learn how they can protect themselves in case of an attack. My personal opinion is that this projevt should be expanded to cover a greater sample with childrn from difefrent backgrounds and of a variety of ethnic composition and obsreve the results. The project should also be spread over a longer period say one 6 months.For more information on Demographic Qualities check on:

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Demographic Qualities
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