Information Security

1)For this question you will do a little online research. Please be detailed.a) Find a Virus attack that hit the US in the last decade and describe it.b) Find a Worm attack that hit the US in the last decade and describe it.c) For each, be sure to answer these questions (please don’t use ones in Hw1)i. What specifically did it infect?ii. What was the payload?iii. What was the financial toll if any?Answer here: Minimum 350 words for (a) and 350 words for (b). Be sure to cover all 3 parts of (c) in each.2)Besides WireShark, what other tools are available to enable packet sniffing?a) Describe at least two that are freely available on your favorite OS. (include URL)b) What features do they offer over WireShark and vice versa?Answer here: Minimum 250 words for each of two in (a). Be sure to answer (b) for each.3)Another useful tool is called a port scanner (sniffer). It allows you to see what ports are active on your system (or someone else’s).a) Choose your favorite OS and find one and describe it. (include URL)Answer here: Minimum 400 words (include some features/options/commands it has).For more information on Information Security check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Information Security
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