Annual Flu Vaccination

Write a 750-1,000 word paper in which you review public policy and how it affects employment. Address the following scenarios:Scenario 1: Nurse Deb was due for her annual flu vaccination as mandated by her hospital’s policy. Nurse Deb is a big supporter of the antivaccination movement and refused to obtain her annual flu vaccination. Upon notice that nurse Deb did not obtain the vaccination, the nurse manager fired Nurse Deb. Nurse Deb has decide to file a wrongful termination suit. As the director of nursing, how would you handle this situation?What evidence does Nurse Deb have that could help her win the case?What law protects the hospital’s mandated vaccination procedures?How concerned should the hospital be if the lawsuit is a success?If the lawsuit is a success, how does this impact workplace safety and the obligation of the health care facility to provide protection?For more information on Annual Flu Vaccination check on:

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Annual Flu Vaccination
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