Management and Unionized Employees

Discussion Question 2: Why Union Contracts HappenPurpose: Labor relations defines the interactions between management and unionized employees. The Human Resources Department is responsible for the management side of labor relations. Even though many companies do not have a union, in the hospitality industry, many employers do. The collective bargaining process is the negotiation process resulting in a contract, or Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The CBA identifies all of the employment conditions, much like an employee handbook. maintains the responsibility of ensuring the organization complies with the numerous laws. The purpose of this assignment is to consider the how management, despite its efforts to keep unions “out,” end up with a CBA.· Skills: As a result of completing this assignment, you will practice written communication and critical thinking.· Knowledge: Students will gain knowledge of why unions find a way to bring a contract to a business.Task: In order to complete this assignment you will execute the following.1. After reviewing the material in the chapter, why do you think a non-union company ends up having a union come in? In other words, it seems easy to keep the union out, so why (or how) does a company end up with a contract?2. Post a comment to at least two student’s posts.3. Grammar and spelling.Criteria for Success: A successful assignment will have the following characteristics:· A well-developed post discussing why you believe unions are successful.· A post to at least two classmates’ posts.· Notes to posting on the discussion board.· Please place your response in the discussion forum and do not attach using a word file.· Proper grammar, spelling, and professional language are used.For more information on Management and Unionized Employees check on:

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Management and Unionized Employees
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