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1. What personal experiences have lead you to the field of school counseling? As a nontraditional student I had many counselors in my community college tell me many times that college was not for me that I should focus on a trade and start working. Many times I felt like giving up and just quitting school, but wanting to be better for my daughter kept me going. After six years of struggling and listening to counselors and professors who didn’t believe in me I finally was able to transfer to a university. Once I transferred to Cal State San Bernardino I met in amazing counselor who Who help me with my educational plan and reassured me that I was in the right path. Every time I would meet with her she would provide me with different resources and assistance for single parents, tutoring assistance and scholarships opportunities. This counselor Inspired me to follow into her footsteps.2. Describe your leadership experience in the field of school counseling in your aspiration for future contributions to the field? Growing up I never had a counselor that looked like me. My inspiration is that I can be a positive role model and inspire children to believe that they too can grow up and go to college and obtain a degree. My goal as a school counselor is to work in title I schools in low socioeconomics communities to give back and inspire children who are where I once was. I want to able to create a strong relationship with my students and there parents who might not speak English, and provide the necessary resources so they can succeed.1. List any extracurricular activities or community volunteering experience that pertain to the field of school counseling?During my years at CalState San Bernardino I joined the sociology club, and in 2019 I was the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award in recognition and appreciation for my commitment to strengthen our community through volunteer serviceEssay must be no more than two pages, formatted in 12pt. font. The title of the essay and your name must be indicated as a header on each page. No cover pageFor more information on Community College check on:

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