Etiology and Epidemiology

A detailed health and scientific explanation of the disease chosen or problem/gap/disparity area identified which must be relevant to women’s health.E.g. explain what the disease is, which organs or systems it affects, what are the disease presentation causes and symptoms, treatments, outcomes and effects on health and longevity.A thorough literature analysis of the disease or problem etiology and epidemiology globally.i.e. how big is the problem globally, present statistics, are there any identified hot spots, what are the causes and drivers of this problem: eg social, genetic, economic, educational etc. and why do such problems exist?Why is this a specifically pertinent problem to women? Are there any differences in women compared to men? i.e. Highlight if there are any gender differences in either disease etiology and causative factors (health, social or other), etc.For more information on Etiology and Epidemiology check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Etiology and Epidemiology
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