Feminization of Poverty

1. Define the following:a. Meritocracyb. Feminization of povertyc. Pink collar workd. Absolute poverty2. How does Symbolic Interactionist theory explain inequality in the United States?3. How does stratification relate to socialization considering intra and inter generational mobility?4. Discuss the theoretical similarities and differences of Karl Marx and Max Weber perspectives? 4b.Which of both theories best analyze or represent American society social classes as you know it5. Discuss Karl Marx explanation of exploitation, inequality and alienation.6. In contemporary sociological models of the U.S. class structure, discuss Max Weber’s model as they relate to the various social classes from the Capitalist (upper) Class to the Under Class?6b. How true is the American cliché pull yourself by your boot strap in relationship to Max and Weber’s theoriesFor more information on Feminization of Poverty check on:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminization_of_poverty

DNP Role Presentation

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Feminization of Poverty
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