Anticipatory Anxiety

Explain the diagnosis by matching the symptoms identified in the case to the specific criteria for the diagnosis:Briceson meets criteria’sA. because he describes himself having anticipatory anxiety.B. because he has described himself having anxiety for three years, he even panics at the thought of going on a date.C1 he feel’s anxious when going out.C2, described as having abdominal discomfort, sweating, shortness of breath hot flashes.C3, Briceson is forgetting things at work and has trouble focusing. He also fits C6, because he has trouble staying asleep.D. Briceson has found himself staying home more, he has also developed a fear of talking over the phoneE. There is no history of drug useF. There are no other mental disorders that attributes to his diagnosisFor more information on Anticipatory Anxiety check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Anticipatory Anxiety
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