An Unethical Act

Choose any newspaper article from March1,2021. You may use an online newspaper from anywhere in the world.The article must reflect an unethical act committed by a company.Identify the unethical act, explain why you think it is unethical ,and discuss what you would have done in this situation. Use ideas taken by other companies to support your view. Your view must be practical and applicable in the current business environment.INSTRUCTIONS:1. Your assignment must be in APA or MLA format.2. The newspaper article must be part to your word document. (I do not want the link, but the actual article)3. The name of the newspaper and the date on which the article appeared must be clear.4. Your response should be between 475 and 500 unethical act 5. Any evidence of outsourcing will result in you being awarded 0 for the assignment and an incident report being filed.For more information on An Unethical Act check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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An Unethical Act
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