Strategy Formulation

Learning outcomes:1. Describe the different issues related to environmental scanning, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation in diversified organizations (CLO2)2. Explain the contribution of functional, business and corporate strategies in the competitive advantage of the organization. (CLO3)3. Distinguish between different types and levels of strategy and strategy implementation (CLO4)4. Communicate issues, results and recommendations coherently, and effectively regarding appropriate strategies for different situations (CLO6)Assignment Questions (5 Marks)Consider the same company ‘X’ that you have already used in assignment 1 and answer the following questions1. Describe the roles of directional, marketing, operations and human resource strategies in the overall well-being of your selected company. (2 marks)2. Classify the products of your selected company based on the BCG matrix. (1 mark)3. Describe at least one partnership that your selected corporation has with other company (es). Is it successful? Justify. (1mark)4. Describe the structure of your selected company. (1 mark)For more information on Strategy Formulation check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Strategy Formulation
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