Enhanced Bioscience

Is enhanced-bioscience knowledge required by UK nursing students.?Design an Academic poster (needs to be on A3 paper landscape) using data from academic papers how this is taughtSTRUCTURE OF POSTER1. INTRODUCTION. USE BULLET POINT TO EVIDENCE THE PROBLEM2. HYPOTHESIS3. METHOD USED : WHY YOU ARE USING METHOD FROM CERTAIN ACADEMIC PAPERS eg flip-learning4. FIGURES/GRAPH: You can do a graph which shows the number who passed in one group against another using flip classroom against normal class teaching. But we know flip teaching doesn’t really work for nurses. You can find this data and put this in a graph showing which academic papers you used.5. CONCLUSION: explain why flip learning works or not, learning styles (does you tube videos work for example if not why not).6. REFERENCESFor more information on Enhanced Bioscience check on:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twist_Bioscience

DNP Role Presentation

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Enhanced Bioscience
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