Service Professional Practitioner

Create a 2- to 3-page paper that integrates the personal assessment and data and reflections you gathered throughout the course to develop a human services professional practitioner identity. Include the following:An identity statementThe role you envision for yourselfThe skills and characteristics you possess that will allow you to be effective in your roleAn explanation of the role your cultural identity will play in your success as a human services professional practitioner and your ability to demonstrate cultural humilityHow your ethics and values will guide you in your future workHow your profile fits in with your professional identityMy personal assessmentHow would you rate your leadership skills? How would you rate your interpersonal skills (e.g., empathy, listening, sharing, caring)? 8How would you rate your oral and written communication skills? 6How would you rate your collaboration skills? (Do you work well with others? Are you a team player?) 9How would you rate your stress-management skills? 7How would you rate your level of perseverance? 7How well do you respond to disappointment and frustration? 8How would you rate your optimism? 8How would you rate your negotiation skills? 7For more information on Service Professional Practitioner check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Service Professional Practitioner
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