The Objective Variable

Provide a thorough analysis that explains the result set from the Excel run. The detailed analysis should document each process (step) through the analysis and include responses to the following:1. Identify the objective variable and explain what it means.2. Identify the decision variables and explain each. 3. Create and provide the objective function.4. Determine and note all of the constraints for each county and find the counties identified with the minimum number based on the objective function.5. What is the minimum number of disposal tanks needed to cover all 20 counties and note which counties those are? Use the data file posted.Please save your responses into a Word document. Be sure and provide clear detail in your responses for at the management level (very important). Also, post the Excel workbook as part of the objective evidence as to how you derived your responses.For more information on The Objective Variable check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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The Objective Variable
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