Maternal Mortality

You need to conduct a research on ” M aternal mortality in the United States”. You might find readings on maternal mortality for this unit helpful. To help you think about what you need to write, please answer the following questions:1. What are the causes of maternal mortality/deaths in the United States?2. Are maternal deaths decreasing over time?/Is maternal mortality decreasing over time? Why or why not?3. What has been done to prevent maternal mortality/deaths in the United States?4. Have these efforts been effective? Why or why not?Once you have completed your research, you will have to write a short research paper. Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length. Please address the questions asked above (but don’t just turn in a bulleted form of the answers to your questions, you are writing a paper!). Additionally, be sure to use any critical terms covered in your assigned readings and this week’s or previous lectures.For full credit you must incorporate at least five sources on maternal mortality in the U.S. in your paper. The five sources must be correctly cited (APA or MLA) in the body of your paper.For more information on Maternal Mortality check on:

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Maternal Mortality
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