Sociological Identity

It’s time to begin preparing for your last paper, due week 14. For this assignment, arrange an interview with someone who is a professional acquaintance (no family members or your best friend, please). This should be a 1-hour interview where you have chosen some open-ended questions to ask.The topic for your paper is sociological identity. This could be centered around one’s identity concerning culture, socialization, social class, group identity, gender/sexuality, racial/ethnic identity, etc. It can certainly be a mix of all of those. You will prepare for this assignment by reviewing the readings and your notes.First, begin by putting together a list of 8-10 questions. Your goal is to keep the interview as non-directive as possible (in other words, don’t ask ‘leading questions’ – example, “I bet that made you feel really bad, huh?”)To help keep your interview on target, and your paper on the right track, submit your interview questions to me here so that I can provide you with some ample feedback.For more information on Sociological Identity check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Sociological Identity
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