Environmental Responsibility

Students are required to Search the web, library database, and newspaper to find a company to investigate, and are required to submit an individual Business Report comprised of two main parts (1 and 2 below). Detail requirements are outlined below:1. Analysis company’s strategy (maximum 1500 words)a. Search the web, library database, and newspaper to find a company to investigate and briefly describe the company and the industry within which it operates.b. Identify the current competitive strategy (low cost or differentiation) that your chosen firm is following. Provide evidence how you came to this conclusion.c. Identify at least three Key Success Factors that can assist the company in achieving the current strategy.d. Evaluate the suitability of the firm’s choice of competitive strategy.2. Develop a Balanced Scorecard for the company (maximum 1500 words)a. You need to incorporate social and environmental responsibility into your balanced scorecard.b. For each of the perspectives, suggest two to three strategic objectives. And describe how the strategic objectives will help your chosen organisation achieve its mission and vision.c. Draw a strategy map (an example is provided as in Figure 1) and describe the cause-and-effect relationships between the strategic objectives you would expect to see in your suggested balanced scorecard.d. For each strategic objective, suggest two to three measures you would recommend in the balanced scorecard. Explain the reason why you have suggested those measures and how the measures can assess progress towards meeting objectives.For more information on Environmental Responsibility check on:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_environmental_responsibility

DNP Role Presentation

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Environmental Responsibility
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