Gender Ideology

In the article you were asked to read for Question 1, four main theories were advanced for the gendered division of housework:· Relative Resources· Time Availability· Gender Ideology· Macro-Level FactorsThe reasons why women have historically done most of the housework are complicated. If you had to pick just ONE of the four theories to describe why Canadian women did most of the housework in the time period studied in this course (1890 to 1920), which would you choose, and why? Give at least one specific example from the readings or lectures to back up your reasoning.i. Theory Chosen (No marks, just so the TA knows what they’re looking at)ii. Reasoning (for full marks, explain why you think this is a better explanation than the other three theories).iii. Example (cite the source of the example in APA format). For full marks, don’t just list the example, but explain how it connects to your chosen theory.For more information on Gender Ideology check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Gender Ideology
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