Academic Discussion

Select at least two concepts from this week’s assigned readings from Essentials of Organizational Behavior. Identify the concepts you have chosen by properly citing the Robbins & Judge text, being sure to use the page number format utilized for short, direct quotes.

In addition, you are required to obtain a full text, peer-reviewed article from a scholarly database and share how it speaks directly to at least one of the concepts you have identified in the Robbins & Judge text. The article you select should be no more than five years old and properly cited within your response according to APA (6e) style guidelines. A full source citation should also be provided at the end of your response.

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Academic Discussion
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Please use this forum space to share and discuss what you have learned about each of these concepts, including specific knowledge gained about one of those concepts via the peer-reviewed article you have selected. For more information on  Academic Discussion Check :

Academic Discussion

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